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The Wireless NETwork group (WiNET) is one of five research groups at the Department of Telecommunication Engineering. The WiNET associate together professors, researchers and PhD students of the department working on analysis, performance studies, optimization and design of new algorithms in five following areas:

  1. Mobile networks
    a) IMS in wireless and wired environment (Architecture and optimization, Services, Protocols)
    b) HS D/U P A (MAC, Hybrid ARQ, Design of enhanced scheduling algorithms, Performance studies)
    c) Multicast and Broadcast Services based on DVB-H, 3GPP E-UTRA, MediaFLO (Research work, studies and analyses)

  2. Broadband Access Network
    a) WiFi and practical use (Performance studies, Coverage, Voice over WiFi)
    b) WiMAX (Handover, Inter-handover WiMAX-3G, MESH structures)
    c) Interoperability between mobile and wireless networks (Architecture of universal platform, UMA, Services)

  3. Location Based Services
    a) 2G-3G location (Optimization of algorithms, Development of services, New localization methods)
    b) GPS, Galileo (Research work, studies and analyses, Development of satellite navigation services)

  4. Security in wireless technologies
    a) Secure Broadcast Communication in Wireless Networks (Research work)
    b) Security protocols (Studies and analysis, Performance studies)

  5. Industrial networks
    a) Sensor networks (Zigbee, Optimization of routing algorithms, IPv6 usability study, Energy efficiency protocols)
    b) Industrial communication (Industrial Ethernet, Mobile technologies in industry, Conformance tests)

  6. Application and Multimedia
    a) Design of applications for mobile environment (Development under J2ME)
    b) Application development (Development of web pages, Stand alone applications)